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This service is designed for small businesses that cannot afford to invest in purchasing equipment and hiring employees. Here at DataOne with our state of the art technical equipment and our experienced personnel, we can represent your business and answer both your inbound and make outbound calls, using your company name for your behalf professionally. Get all the benefits you want, without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

No more waiting on the phone or having to deal with busy phone lines. All of your calls will be answered within 5 seconds and treated with the right manner and seriousness, your clients deserve. When somebody calls you we will respond using your company name. We handle your calls in the same way that your secretary would. You will know all the information regarding your calls in real time.

Our unique Patent no. 1005880/08 allows our clients to monitor the quality of our service from a distance with the same ease of use as if they were present here at our call centre. With constant training we provide an exceptional team of professionals in the area of phone support services.

Contact us today in order to inform you how our call centre services, would be profitable for you and your company.

Some of our offering services are:

  • Market Research
  • Balance enquiries
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Handling Consumer Complaints
  • Database sales - Distance sales
  • Pre-recorded phone advertisements
  • Creation of client lists - increase your clientèle
  • Phone support (Help Desk) - Customer service (Customer Care)

Secretary Plan Features

Monthly Charge

Number of calls

Additional charge

*VAT is not included in the above prices

Basic - 140€

Advanced - 250€

Premium - 400€

Basic 140€ 150 0.85€
Advanced 250€ 350 0.65€
Premium 400€ 600 0.60€

Our company is licensed and is a proud member of:

Some of our clients


With constant and up to date training from various independent third party authorities, we aim to enhance and optimize the knowledge and the experience of our staff.


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