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Pre-recorded IVR (Interactive Voice Response) messages is perhaps the most effective and affordable way of advertising. With a capacity of 130.000 messages per hour we take care that your message is heard at cities, villages and distant areas using pre-set lists of phone numbers. No other way of advertising provides 99% insurance that your message will actually reach its audience! Using pre-recorded messages success is ensured due to our call centre constant re-dialling until a phone is answered and your message is heard.

Ability to program calling hours so that your clients receive your message at the time and day that you set. Our systems give you the chance to leave your personal message to an answering machine so that your clients hear it when they respond to a call or listen their messages. Talk to your clients using pre-recorded messages with your own voice. Using statistical results you will know how many people hear your message and you will be charged only for the answered calls!

Many services and products do not require a visit from a business representative. Also it is not necessary to inform a customer in person as this would increase the cost of running your business. A pre-recorded message on the phone is enough to provide the right instructions in the same way as it would happen with a real person. Use voicemail service for market survey to get trusted results and see which areas offer the best conditions to promote your business services and products. Our system offers the chance for your candidate clients to press a button on their receiver when they hear your message and get connected to you at your business landline or mobile phone.

Contact us today in order to inform you how an IVR campaign, would be profitable for you and your company.

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