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Data One is an active member of the world research organisation ESOMAR and a registered member of the Greek National Council for Radio and Television.Our primary business sector is market survey aiming in delivering high quality special information for business and political use.

We use the market survey approach, when we are looking for answers that deal with critical questions which will reveal the real picture and composition of your business clients and show you the right way to approach them. Trustworthy market survey and research is the one that gives powerful possibilities to promote each target and make better use of any of the chances that are present.

The result of a survey is a necessary tool which businesses, organisations and politicians can use to their greatest advantage and gain recognition for their public image.ecretarial service offering targeted at a cost-effective solutions that deliver immediate results in short time. However we are always willing to discuss and suggest specific and customized solutions according to the needs of your business. Market research is the systematic collection and evaluation of information from the appropriate groups in order to help the company in decision making at the lowest possible risk for existing and new products and find new opportunities for potential business.

Contact us today in order to inform you how a market research campaign, would be profitable for you and your company.

Benefits of Market Research:

  • Will help you plan ahead
  • Will give you accurate results
  • Will give you targeted solutions
  • Will determine your target group
  • Will establish your market positioning
  • Will help you identify opportunities and threads
  • Will provide efficient communication with current and potential customers

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With constant and up to date training from various independent third party authorities, we aim to enhance and optimize the knowledge and the experience of our staff.


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