Bulk SMS

Sending SMS messages is one the most popular ways to promote your services, wishes and announcements. Our company offers ways to massively send messages to mobile phones at the most competitive rates in the market.

Utilise the benefits of mobile marketing and massively reach potential clients using a modern, affordable and effective means of communication, SMS messages! SMS messages are inexpensive and practical in advertising your services and products Contact us today in order to inform you how a Web Marketing campaign, would be profitable for you and your company.

Benefits of Bulk SMS:

  • 1 SMS = 1 credit
  • Delivery time less than 5 sec
  • Bulk-send up to 15.000 SMS / sec
  • One flat rate for all mobile phone networks
  • High standard of safety in sending and receiving SMS messages (SSL, VPN)
  • Statistical information per day, month, country, network, delivery status, etc.

Our company is licensed and is a proud member of:

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With constant and up to date training from various independent third party authorities, we aim to enhance and optimize the knowledge and the experience of our staff.


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